Personal Development and Spirituality Success Stories

A Course in Mastering Alchemy offers simple and effective energy management tools to help you step into a higher consciousness and quiet the noise and drama in your life. Read success stories and reviews from Mastering Alchemy students below.


A Course in Mastering Alchemy - The Book
A thousand thank you's. I have been grounding for many years and this has helped, but the added technique of adding a second cord around the first enables a much more thorough grounding. I have heard of the Rose tool before but have not used it in the way you describe. This has also been of tremendous help. Yesterday I was able to climb above the noise and confusion for a brief time and realize my true self. Thank you for your amazing book and the on-line videos. GW, New Zealand

Free Webinars
“Tonight's class was phenomenal for me. Both your lecture and the Q & A period were extremely helpful. There was a huge shift - a lot of releasing of very old, unproductive patterns. Thank you so much for holding that space and for your clear explanations. See you in Arizona for 10-10-10.” - GM, Holland

“I think the DVD and classes are masterpieces and I use your teachings every day in my life. I am 55 years old and have been in the search for love, peace & harmony all my life,a nd you're helping me achieve it with the mastering of alchemy. I look forward to Level 2.”
-CH, Brazil

How the Tools are Changing My Life
“Your book Spirit Matters played a significant role when I had to deal with a second diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. My medical team got me through the physical healing, but using energy tools from Spirit Matters helped me discard stress and anger. I now greet each day with confidence and smiles. I am well again.”
- JS, Los Angeles

Octahedron (Level 1)
Last evening we had just begun to eat in a restaurant when ear piercing shrieks from some child erupted every few seconds. The third time I put my hand over my ears and cringed. Then I remembered my octahedron. I distorted the right side to send it way out into the restaurant. The shrieks stopped immediately. I didn't see the shrieker or family so don't know whether it was just a coincidence, but it worked! We both enjoyed the rest of our meal in peace and harmony!
-BH, California

Rose Tool (Level 1)
“My husband returned from work with a painful, swollen foot. So he asked me for a healing. I used the Rose tool & saw it expand & explode & dissolve. I could see and feel the swelling go and his foot became normal. The pain left & he slept well all night. I love you and thank you from my heart for sharing these techniques with us.”
- P. Rajkumar, North Dakota

I am simply loving Level 1! I must tell you that yesterday I used the Rose on a pollen allergy I have had for years, and after 3 uses of the Rose, my allergy symptoms of itchy eyes faded to nothing. Today I am still symptom free without any allergy meds.
- N.M, Washington

Setting the Energy
“Yesterday I had an amazing Rose experience. Usually our business meetings are depressing and on top of it the engineer giving it is like Mr Data from Star Trek TNG: devoid of emotion and emotional reactions. Fifteen minutes before the meeting I set about using the rose at the center of the room. I filled it with fun, amusement, laughter, cooperation, harmony and good communication. The results were nothing short of ‘miraculous.’ The engineer directing the meeting was at ease. He laughed and smiled a lot and stopped and listened to every single question. The people in the exercise group worked with such fluid harmony, the engineer was surprised at the timing results. Overall a fun and productive meeting. Thanks so much.”
- WS, Miami FL

Living Words (Level 1)
“I’ve watched Level 1 three times and every time I get new insights. I use these very simple tools now every day. Every morning before I get dressed, I ‘dress’myself with these ‘living words’ and it works so wonderfully. It is a beautiful start to my morning meditation. My mind is much more quiet.”
- CE, Viriginia

Grounding Cord
“As a spiritual "healer," I am not unfamiliar with the grounding cord but this is the clearest and most effective explanation of it I have come across and I love it! The concept of sending ‘useless’ stuff down the grounding cord is new to me and having it set up is so easy, in daily life as well as in my work. I am already feeling more calm, stable and capable and most importantly I am no longer feeling ‘lost in the woods’ about what lies ahead. Another huge thing: I no longer feel alone or isolated on my path.”
- KM, New York

Pink Diamond (Level 1)
“I have completed the Level 1 Creating the Personal Power Field DVD set. The journey into the Pink Sacred Heart, connecting with the 3 Kingdoms and the story of Atlantis were so powerful for me. The first time I took the journey, tears streamed down my face as I connected with the animals, elementals and angels that I had so long forgotten. I listen to this journey often and I feel my dear loving friends drawing ever near to me.”
- WC, New Mexico

Level 1 Course
“The Level 1 course is amazing. Like pieces of a puzzle, each session helps connect/bring the fragments together. Although I have to say, The Pink Diamond session moved me to tears of Joy. There are no words to express the feelings of Love and Grace, Power and Compassion, Joy and Wisdom. With very little effort I can feel myself standing in the middle of my pink diamond along with my soul, my higher mind and my three sided pyramid. This is me… this is who I AM. This is where I choose to live.

Many thanks for the magnificent lessons that you bring! For the first time in thirty years I can relax and sleep without being awakened by panic attacks.”
- DH, California

"I recently joined Level one. This is exactly what I've been looking for since I was a teenager, although I couldn't identify what "that" was. It's been about wanting to know myself in a deep way and I intuitively knew the answers didn't lie in talk therapy etc... It was beyond that. This is IT." -CB, Maine

“I look forward to each Level 1 session very much. So much is happening, so very fast. I can feel the veil physically lifting every day, and as it lifts, the vision of heaven on earth becomes less of a dream and more of a reality. It is exciting to be here at this time. I am so grateful for your commitment to this.”
- JV, CFO, Florida

Money and Career
“How I manifested tuition: I took your Level 1 Course. A few days after ordering it I was laid off from my job along with most of my department. So when I completed your workshop and saw that there was a year-long course for the outrageous sum of $1,500, I rolled my eyes and muttered, ‘Yeah, right.’ I was concerned about paying rent and eating.

But after the course, which I bought because the Rose Tool has proved to be one of the most valuable things I've ever experienced (I've roto-rootered out so much stuff - and it doesn't come back!), I decided to put your tools to the test. I got things going at 90% and... threw it out there to the universe. ‘Send me $895 for Jim's class.’ But nothing happened... Until that afternoon. I got a call from a company that hired me on the spot. No interview, just based on my reputation, they brought me in with a 30% pay raise. I began the day after I did my $895 meditation.

Friday, I got my first check. It was pro-rated since I started in the middle of a pay cycle. The check was for $895. Exactly. !! Your check will go out tomorrow and I can’t wait to join you for Level 2.”
- DT, Computer Programmer, Portland OR

Level 2 Course
“The Level 2 program has given me the tools and freedom to acknowledge who I am. I now have an understanding of what my purpose and soul’s agreements are.”
- LR., Executive Assistant, Washington

“In session #1 you stated that the rational mind cannot conceive where we are going. You were right on. I've known we all are in for a wonderful experience but last night was incredibly wonderful and there is no way I could have guessed what we would cover or experience. I attended both sessions. During the second session when I met AA Gabriel, tears began to flow - tears of joy. The experience of meeting AA Metraton was, well, he just took over me, enveloped me. We all are in for a real treat of experiences during the coming year. Thank you SO much for making these experiences available.”
- JP, Georgia

“I had thoracic surgery several months ago and I use many of your meditations and I must say I feel more happy every day. I went in for a CAT scan last week. The tumor on the lung is reduced by 50%. I know that this energy is moving through me; I am entering full recovery. I have no words to describe the impact of all the teachings and tools you are sharing with us. My appreciation, gratitude and love is always there for you and your angels, masters, etc.”
- EB, Minneapolis

Level 3 Course
Amazing!!!  Just thought I would share with you how amazing this MA experience is.  I am filled with delight!  The corners of my mouth are bending up in meditations!  So welcoming the Light coming into this body of cellular structure.  Feeling tickled with this experience of Soul/Spirit...and Oversoul and Holy Spirit coming into the Sacred Heart!  This is beyond what I imagined and very fulfilling!  This is just what i asked for when I signed up with MA years ago. Just didn't know where exactly I was going.  This is what I came here to do!!!  So very grateful!
- SE, Montana

This first year of Level 3 has been most powerful. When I look back and compare my present self with that of ten months ago, a big change is visible: how great a friend I'm becoming to myself. The last couple months have been pleasantly stabilizing, I feel the effect of the blue and green Rays.

I trust life so much more than before. I believe I can resolve all my problems that I've built up. As if I were a teenager, full of energy, health and optimism. I could never imagine feeling that way at 63. I believe that  what's ahead of me is the best part of my life.
- MR, Canada