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cover image of the bookYou’ve heard it from the best teachers: Know what you want …Break old patterns … Enjoy life … Feel better... Help yourself … Don’t let them bother you. But exactly, HOW DO YOU DO THAT?
Spirit Matters offers very easy-to-follow, step-by-step tools that will give you practical and immediate results. You will notice stress leave and confidence return at once. You will no longer feel the effects of pushy people. You’ll be able to move through life with greater ease, amusement and well-being. Contains many real-life stories illustrating the power and magic of these Energy Tools. Based upon Roxane Burnett and Jim Self's successful, international seminars.
John Osborne, Natural Health & Beauty Magazine
You will keep this book handy as you move deeper into the truth of who you are. Remarkable results with simple tools. Clear instructions.
Glynda Lee Hoffmann, Brain Researcher, The Secret Dowry of Eve
This is the next step in consciousness development. Release the doubts and self-limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in destructive patterns and re-wire your neuropathways.
Steve G., Real Estate Broker, Atlanta, GA, 
With these tools, I realize I was directed by others' wants, not mine. Now I’m loving my life.
Angela S-D., Director of Sales and Marketing, Camarillo, CA 
By using the tools I've been able to switch the mood in meetings from being confrontational to pleasant and productive. At a recent National Sales Meeting I was able to use the tools to literally step out of the stress and chaos that was operating around me and regain my own sense of focus, clarity and composure. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking to de-stress and obtain a greater sense of self-awareness.
Given to a friend
A tenant "Carrie" is a single mom I have known for about 2 years. She has two teenagers and all 3 of them have problems. Carrie is on public housing assistance and has had problems with boyfriends.  I was in her apartment doing repairs and she opened up her emotions. We talked about it and I gave her a copy of your book. 
The next time she saw me, she said she was reading and practicing. Yesterday she stopped me and told me how she is having success releasing her pent-up emotions with her boyfriends and wants to change herself to be more empowered. She was smiling and I could feel her very positive energy. Just want to thank you for all you do and the difference you are making in our world.
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