A Course in Mastering Alchemy

cover image of the bookContent and tools from the Level 1-2-3 programs.

Connect with the Teachers of Light directly as you absorb the energetics embedded in every page.

Free, private online classroom available only to readers of this book.

Follow step-by-step tools to manifest a new way of being and step out of the crazy chaos of the third dimension into the higher consciousness of the fifth.

This unique, interactive book offers a self-contained program to access a totally new way of life. It is A Course in Miracles for the 21st century.

A Course in Mastering Alchemy has been specifically orchestrated by the Teachers of Light to expand your understanding, your consciousness, and your ability to use the new energy tools and manifestation techniques they offer.

Signed by Roxane and Jim.

What makes this book unique?



A thousand thank yous.
I have been grounding for many years and this has helped, but the added technique of adding a second cord around the first enables a much more thorough grounding. I have heard of the Rose tool before but have not used it in the way you describe it. This has also been of tremendous help. Yesterday I was able to climb above the noise and confusion for a brief time and realize my true self. Thank you for your amazing book and online videos. GW, New Zealand

Your book is like a handrail on my journey. Here in Switzerland, if you go high up in the mountains, you have sometimes to cross exposed areas. To secure it, they put cables on the hillsides and you can go forwards because you know how to put your foot. That is your book for me. Sometimes I have a question, am unable to formulate it, but I can feel it inside. So I open your book…and it helps. Thank you. Your book is very well structured and each chapter has many layers. The depth will reveal itself by going on. -- ES, Switzerland

A great barometer of change is when we meet an old friend and they notice big changes in us. Recently I spent some days with a dear friend of 40 years. We’ve always kept in touch but during this recent visit, she noticed  I was so much more calm, confident, and happy. I used to become very agitated when I was hungry- burning acidic pain & stress. She was amazed at how relaxed and unaffected I now am when hungry. She even said that my calm happy energy had a very beneficial effect on her and her partner. Great feedback and another confirmation that this priceless course is bringing me rich rewards. My deepest gratitude. - EH, Ireland

Have you ever had a most delicious meal that tasted so much better than you could imagine? And not only that but also fill you in a way, that allowed you to work and play with an extra measure of energy and Light? Nothing could stand in your way !! You could accomplish anything, in a very unlimited way and feel satisfied.  Well, this book does exactly that and much more! Thank you so very much.  It is a delight to share this meal with you. -LL, Canada

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