Setting Your Energy for 2022 | Mastering Alchemy

Want to get 2022 off to a successful, balanced, and fun start? Let’s play with the Mastering Alchemy energy tools and make that happen for you.

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  1. Can we apply this tool to meetings, phone calls, and even errands?
  2. I came in late.  Can I start this again?
  3. How is the Etheric body different than leaving the physical body?
  4. Comment:  I felt a wonderful presence of all-knowing, connected, present.
  5. How do the Elementals connect with success in 2022?
  6. Do I create a number of Roses with different intentions? Or sit in the energy of the words?
  7. How important is physical position while meditating/visualizing?
  8. Comment:  I have found that laughing at myself helps me stay present, aware and uplifts me.
  9. Will family members who are immersed in 3D move away? 
  10. If we’re going back and forth between 3D and 5D, does that mean we’re in both strati?
  11. Comment: Things are really sifting for me in amazing ways. If you're listening, and have not signed up for Level 1 or Level 2 yet, I can’t recommend it enough. You will never regret it.
  12. Would it be helpful to use the Rays of Creation and/or the Tetrahedrons to create this successful year of allowing and ease?
  13. Simultaneously I get extremely excited, yet very disappointed when I realize how very close yet how far away we are to experiencing the New Earth.  Anything to say on this, please?
  14. Is 5D going to continue to be more and more accessible? Or is there going to be a time when the window of opportunity closes?
  15. Comment: I like to imagine I’m in the New Earth and holding the feeling of being there.
  16. How can I engage more with my Spirit guides in 2022?
  17. Comment: I’m finding when I approach anything with simplicity, the edges become softer.

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Non-Downloadable MP3's: 
Lecture (20:12)
Meditation (34:04)
Question & Answer (33:05)
Complete Call (01:27:05)
Conferencia-Establecer tu Energía para 2022 (35:27)
Meditacion-Establecer tu Energía para 2022 (36:14)