Prepared? Then What? | Mastering Alchemy

Is this the beginning or the end? Or is it both at the same time? Choices are no longer black and white without consequences. Do you choose from the heart and Know or do you choose from the brain and Hope? Join us.

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  1. Did we lose this sense of worthiness and capability when we came here?
  2. When do you have an expectation?   When do you not have an expectation?
  3. Comment: Wow, I began this session a complete blank, but I remember who I am. 
  4. Anger has always worked for me. It’s gotten me what I wanted. It’s been a motivator.
  5. What if one doesn’t want anything anymore?
  6. It’s nice to be on my platform for an hour. How do I stay there during the day?
  7. I get excited yet disappointed when I realize how close yet how far away we are from experiencing the new Earth. 

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Lecture to Meditation (01:00:09)
Question & Answer (21:44)
Complete Call: (01:21:53)
¿Preparado? ¿Luego qué? (01:04:27)