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Are You Circular or Linear?
We’ve identified two very different ways of creating. Jim is one, Roxane the other. Which are you and can you embrace that style? Can you allow the other?

What Are You?
Do you really Own who you are? It’s not what you do that counts. It’s if you radiate certainty and power. Mastery. Here’s an exercise to begin to.

Is It Your Anxiety?
Someone asked, “Why do I have so much more anxiety than I used to?” Jim and Roxane offer some suggestions and tools for how to recognize and change that. Maybe that anxiety isn’t even yours.

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Tools for Conflict Resolution
Do you know someone who has opinions opposite to yours? And who loves to argue about it? What do you do if that person is a family member? Jim and Roxane offer you a few tools and strategies that may help resolve the conflict.

Our 3D - 5D Reference Points
Your reference points are changing during this Shift and transition. What’s the difference between third-dimensional and fifth-dimensional reference points and how do you recognize where you are on the spiritual spectrum?

What’s Your Plan B?
What do you do if the lights go out? What do you do if an unexpected event arrives? Do you have a Plan B? Will you respond or react? Will you go into fear or stay calm?

Irritating People
Do you have someone in your life who irritates you? Makes you upset? How can you leverage this for your own spiritual growth?

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