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pale green clock on a split pink and green backgroundTime is not what you think it is. Time is an application used to create what you want. You can experience time not be controlled by it. Navigating time is a skill. Join us to learn.

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  1. I have often wondered if the Rose, or any flower, can collect up Energy because it is geometrically complete. In other words, making the flower of life.
  2. Could you please talk about addiction (sugar, nicotine, alcohol, etc), as they relate to developing the Lightbody?
  3. I’m totally new, never taken any courses. What if you have difficulty creating that smile?
  4. Could you please talk more about time happening simultaneously?
  5. Can you tell me about the relationship of place and time?  If I’m changing my physical place, like moving to a different town or country, how the time will change if it happens for me.
  6. We spent a lot of time today with experiences of the past. Can we use the Rose to dissolve potential fears and anxiety about future events? If so, how?
  7. I’m wondering how to create circumstances for the future without being in the future? As in, not in present time?
  8. When we observe and choose in present time, does it affect different areas of time, such as the past? And if so, how can we magnify this?
  9. Comment:  That was phenomenal.  I’m in Level 3 and it never ceases to amaze me how effective and crucial the Level 1 Tools are.
  10. As I stay on my side of the Rose, observing chaos in a family member's life, how can I be compassionate without engaging?
  11. Comment:  This was so delicious.  Thank you. Thank You, Jim and the Teachers of Light.
  12. Is it a goal for the baggage to be eliminated by exploding it in a Rose, or is the baggage just always there, and you’re not affected by it?
  13. I believe that sickness comes from an accumulation of low Energies.  But we don’t know which produced the sickness.  How do I use the Rose to blow it up?
  14. I find that living in present time these days is challenging with wildfires, Covid, and division.  Is it normal to feel sadness and grief and still be in the Fifth Dimension?
  15. Please discuss asking for guidance from the Teachers of Light and others.
  16. Could you please share your thoughts about time when in a flow state? When time appears to not exist, and how to stay there longer.
  17. Do you recommend the use of crystals as an additional tool to help me navigate through this shift? 

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