Be at the Right Place at the Right Time

person in a red hammock between 3 trees overlooking a vast mountain area We often miss what we want because we don’t see what's right in front of us. Or we show up before or after it’s arrived.

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  1. Is the weather we’re experiencing globally part of the grand design?
  2. Do we visualize the spinning vortices going clockwise or counterclockwise?
  3. Happiness used to feel like a vibration. Today it felt like a large energy field, lighter and faster.  Is this a result of the energy changes in the world?
  4. If I’m focusing on something I find uncomfortable because I have the intention of staying informed about it, am I amplifying the energy of it?
  5. Who do I pray to?  Who did the true ‘greats’ pray to?
  6. I just finished Level 2 and I’m experiencing lots of unconscious patterns releasing.  Do I have to wait until it clears out before starting Level 3?
  7. What you remind me of is to put me first. To create from my happiness and who I am, not that of others.
  8. Can I use this technique with others prior to my hypnosis sessions?
  9. I’m in Level 1 and unsure if Level 2 is for me.  Could you tell me about it?
  10. How do people who are very ill apply what you are talking about?
  11. Which tools do I use, to best assist my family in the Philippines, where inequality is a huge problem?
  12. In the midst of an experience, I was able to choose to be Present, Aware, and Quiet. I knew exactly what to do next.
  13. Please elaborate on what’s happening with Covid. 

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Lecture to Meditation (58:03)
Question & Answer (35:11)
Complete Call: (01:33:11)
Conferencia-Meditacion Agosto de 2021