Free LOA Webinar - 2 part series | Mastering Alchemy

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Why Doesn’t the Law of Attraction Work?

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated, this two-part class can help you close the gaps thatkeep you from getting what you want. The universe doesn't distinguish between what you wantand what you don't want.Fear and excitement lookthe same. It simply gives you what you holdyour attention on.So, what are you putting attention on?

Join us in expanding your understanding of how to adjust using this tool for your own flawless successful results.

October 12 and 13,
5-6:30pm Pacific (GMT -7 hours)

Wednesday: Understanding the fundamental principles under the law and what they don’t do
Thursday: Addressing challenges, sharing tips and tricks followed by Q&A

Register Now for both. Recordings will be posted in the Free Webinar Library by the Wednesday following the webinar. Here.