Do You Pause Before Acting? | Mastering Alchemy

person contemplatingPause. Observe. And then intentionally, calmly Choose an action. This is a skill. A valuable skill missed by most during this crazy time of transition. Would you like to learn how to master this skill and take more successful actions?

Thursday, August 11.

 What's Level 1?  


  1. Are there ways we can use this information and the energy they bring to create?
  2. I have difficulty keeping focused, and I need to be. Any suggestions?
  3. When will this disruptive time period peak and level off?
  4. How can I find the "off switch” to my ego’s resistance?
  5. I feel bad sending stuff down the grounding cord to the center of the earth!
  6. Comment: The analogy of shifting and fine-tuning the rocks to alter the sound of the waterfall was very representative of how to manage my life.
  7. I’ve had no desire to take notes or attempt to memorize any of this content in the traditional way. Is this ok?
  8. Comment: I’m in Level 3 and I cannot say how excited, happy, and enthusiastic I’ve become.
  9. Who would I be without thoughts and emotions that I know no longer serve me?
  10. Could you speak about boredom?
  11. How does qi gong, tai chi, yoga, etc. work with Mastering Alchemy?
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Energy Exercise (36:46)
Questions & Answers (40:04)
Complete Call (01:41:03)
Conferencia (26:33)
Ejercicio de Energía (36:23)