Discovering the third choice, a life hack to change the game. | Mastering Alchemy

What if how it is, isn't really how it is? What if there was another way to play the game, with more choices? What if it was possible to let go of the old operating system where we created our lives from decisions we made or were made for us some time ago? Those decisions were made out of a limited two-choice-only system of duality: either/or, good/bad, right/left, up/down, yes/no.

What if there is another choice, a life hack, or simply a different perspective that offers you more freedom and options to choose from? This third choice offers you a way to shift into a new position that supports your happiness as well as those around you. Everyone can win in this game.

It doesn’t take much. Come learn the nuts and bolts for the assembly required in our two-part 60min classes.

Part 1 - Understanding duality, choices, and creating new ones.
Part 2 - Addressing challenges, sharing tips and tricks plus a Q&A


Questions from Part 2:

  1. Is this the lifetime we came to take the backpack off?
  2. If I let go of the negative feelings, won’t I be putting myself in a vulnerable position?
  3. What is truth in an ever-evolving consciousness?   
  4. When I ask to know the truth – how should I ask?
  5. What’s the difference between a person’s heart feeling and intuitive feeling?
  6. How do we organize feelings into a triangle structure in the heart?
  7. How do I clear out the filters using the heart space?
  8. If you don't know the source of the fear, how do you let it go?
  9. I feel that balance is the opposite of duality. Is there a deeper level of duality I'm not noticing?
  10. Did I hear you say in the last call, that there is no universal Truth but that we all have our own?



Non-Downloadable MP3's: 
Duality - Part 1 (55:58)
Duality - Part 2 (01:17:10)