Project Park Bench | A Course in Mastering Alchemy

The first in the series.  You, like many others, may be asking yourself why you came to Earth during these troubling political, cultural, and environmental times.  You came here to make a difference. You came here to uplift yourself, humanity, and Earth.

You’re not alone in this project. Together we're building the architecture of a new fifth-dimensional realm of consciousness. A design anchored in vibrations such as respect, equality, beauty, and co-creation.

What do you want this New Earth to look like? How do you wish to experience it?

What you get with this Project:

  • 20 powerful, energy-filled audio sessions (streaming). Approximately one hour each
  • Extra videos and audios to help prepare for some sessions
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions of Jim and Roxane and share your observations
  • All sessions translated into Spanish (audio and text). Todas las sesiones traducidas al español (audio y texto).

Some of the Topics and Tools:

  • This is 100% about your evolution and 100% about service to others
  • Visit your place in the Sacred Heart
  • Living Love from an expanded vibrational field within the Sacred Heart
  • Recognizing you have permission to create
  • Anchoring Respect, Respectful, Respectfulness
  • Living from your Internal Guidance System
  • Becoming the vibrant pink Light of Love
  • Becoming the Center Point
  • Create the New Earth with the Elementals
  • Crystalize Love in the cells of the body
  • Dismantling and empowering Hope
  • Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise
  • Dissolve limitations of 3D
  • The wisdom of your maturity
  • Create a door for all of humanity to choose to step through

No previous Mastering Alchemy experience is necessary, although Level 1 will make it more fun.


I feel we accomplished something so magnificent and huge today during our Park Bench session. Feeling Excitement, Accomplishment, and Thrilled beyond words! Thank you, Jim, Rox, and all of us...The All That Is. TK, Alberta Canada

My heart feels reopened. I remembered something that I wasn't aware I had forgotten about myself. Thanks to us all, respect. LR, Washington, USA

Thank you very much, Jim, and Teachers of Light for this awesome Park Bench Project. Thank you very much Roxane and to all Co-Creators. It is an honor and a privilege to co-create this New Earth with all of you. DC, Mexico

Sitting on your own Park Bench, wherever that may be, and playing in this energy will help you do all of this and more.
Come sit on the Park Bench with us.

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